Our mission is to work side by side with fellow Herptile, Parrot, and Paleontology enthusiast, scientist, field researchers, rehabilitators, and biologist to promote constant educational upkeep. We spread the knowledge shared with us to the general public in hopes to inspire the future generation of keepers to conserve wildlife and practice proper husbandry of the creatures we love!

With the study of fossils being a direct form of our personal research and studies NEW FOR 2018 we now include paleontology within our programs! Through visual aide we will discuss with you the direct relation many of our animal ambassadors have with their prehistoric kin. It is our goal to share with the public our knowledge on Paleontology

PA·LE·ON·TOL·OGY : The Study of Fossils.

HER·PE·TOL·O·GY : The study of reptiles and amphibians.

OR·NI·THOL·O·GY : The study of birds.

ED·U·CA·TION : Giving information about or training in a specific topic.

H  O  P  E

Through an open source of communication we work with Ornithologist all over the world! We learn from wildlife rehabilitation specialist, falconers, and through the private bird hobby. We gather information from these specialist, verify, and than take on the duty of spreading any knowledge to the general public and private hobby specific to the branch of Ornithology.

It is our main goal to provide the general public on a world-wide basis the opportunity to learn about fascinating birds, reptiles, and amphibians by performing public outreach programs within the Northwest Florida Region and by holding a strong internet presence. We stride to maintain a positive internet presence and pride ourselves in providing the public with an open source of communication; giving anyone access to a variety of information and offer the opportunity to help is in our journey of Education.

By keeping an open source of communication between fellow Herpetology Hobbyist and wildlife rehabilitation specialist we take on the duty of spreading any knowledge we verify & learn to both the general public and private hobby specific to the branch of Herpetology.

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Animal Outreach

We offer the Northwest Florida and Lower Alabama area an experience of a lifetime! Let us bring the wild to you and help support our mission in wildlife conservation, proper exotic pet keeping, and creating a more understanding audience of the misunderstood.

Book H.O.P.E for your fundraiser, festival / fair, church events, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Day Camps, Classroom presentations, and more! We work solely based on donations, there is NO FEE, JUST EDUCATION! 

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Species Survival Programs

Not only do we provide animal outreach to the public we also are working on a variety of Species Survival Plans. These breeding programs and rehabilitation programs play a crucial role in our organizations mission in supporting conservation.

For information on the animals currently in our Species Survival Program and for information on our wildlife rehabilitation efforts, click below!

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HOPEducation is not a licensed veterinarian organization. All medical advice received over our Animal Helpline is provided to you free of charge and to be administered at your own risk. The people providing service to the Animal Helpline are educated on a variety of topics through hands on experience. 

*ALL calls will be returned within 48 hours*

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