Considered natures clean - up crew these tiny invertebrates make a great addition to any enclosure. They also make great feeders for your smaller reptiles or amphibians! 


Dwarf Purple Isopods
Isopoda sp.
Dwarf White Isopods
Trichorhina tomentosa
Peach Isopods
Armadillidium Nasatum
Giant Orange Isopods
Porcellio Scaber
Powder Blue Isopods
Porcellionides Pruinosus
Samos Isopods
Armadillidium Oficinalis
Hoffmans Isopods
Platyarthrus hoffmannseggii
Zebra Isopods
Armadillidium Maculatum 
Rathkii Isopods
Trachelipus rathkii
Giant Canyon Isopod
Porcellio Dilatatus
Parvus Isopod
Venizillo Parvus


Updated 10/29/19


What Is Bioactive?

Keeping reptiles in a living ecosystem cohabiting with other organisms that form part of a natural environment.

Why Isopods? 

Isopods eat leftover animal matter (fancy word for poop), shed, and the bacterial microbes located on the surface of substrate. 

Can't I just pull them from the wild? 

NO! It's not a sales tactic when we say no, we really mean it! Isopods are the leading recycler for metals in our ecosystem. This means if your animal ingests a wild isopod it could retire due to metal poisoning. 

Why Springtails? 

Springtails not only make good feeders for dart frogs, they also help control mold growth and fungus growth in high humidity cages.

So I just leave them in my cage and that's it?

No. Isopods are crustaceans, it's crucial that you mist the substrate at least 2xs weekly to ensure they survive. If you notice an overpopulation and there is not enough animal matter or left over food in the enclosure you will need to supplement feed. 

What do I feed Isopods? 

Fish food! We prefer the sea veggies blend. 

My animal just ate an isopod / springtail, is that ok? 

Yes, it's perfectly safe. Many people who breed smaller species of reptile and amphibian actually use these guys as feeders. Being that all our isopods are captive bred you have no risk. 

So I can just buy any kind of isopod for my cage? 

No! Like your pet; isopods require certain husbandry needs, but don't worry, we have a species of isopod that can handle every type of environment. 




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